Thursday, November 3, 2011

IDED Welcome

Imported Eyedeas & Designs Blog Post One.

That feels official and I won't be doing again. For the OCD in our crowd, future posts may be deliberately misnumbered. Its like that in here.

Probably shouldn't have waited a bajillion years to knock this out, but the beginning's a beginning no matter how it gets its start.

Do I jump right in? Do I continue to blather?

Let's start with the lovely, the colored. All of the featured can be found on my Esty site, which I suppose I should give you the link to. Eventually.

I'll call this stuff "Mixed Media" and if it gets sold then I guess it works. Tell me what you think, always.

Love/You Pendant:
Hand painted acrylic. Wrapped in silver plated curb link chain. Rhinestone faceted heart painted custom rosy pink.

Lady Assassin:
Hand Painted acrylic. Pearl stud embellishments & high gloss seal. MLLE X: Mademoiselle X.

Hearts & Arrows Mini Chestplate: Cobalt Blue

Hand painted acrylic. Rhinestone faceted hearts hand painted in shades of cobalt, sapphire, navy, cerulean and sky blues. Large arrow and largest circle painted a custom bronze gold. High gloss seal. Super hero inspired design.

It probably appears I paint more than I do in reality. I started as a beader. I still bead. You'll see earrings and perhaps something akin to a bangle or wrist adornments. Any advice you can give based on what you see is more than welcome. Cue comment section here.

Let's make friends! Show me your blog, work, etc. Check me off as Majorly Interested.

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